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What Our Customers are Saying

"We called them to inspect a home we were interested in buying. They uncovered several major hidden issues we didn't know about previously including structural damage, lack of insulation in the attic and a history of termite damage in the basement. Thankfully they saved us thousands of dollars in surprise repairs."
- Sara G.

"We recently had our new home inspected. They were quick, courteous and very very thorough. We recommend them to anyone looking for a home inspection company."
- Greg G.

"After our home inspection was complete we received a detailed home inspection report. We were actually able to use this report to renegotiate the purchase price of our home taking into account some repairs and fixes we will need to make."
- Mark M.

"I couldn't believe how many problems they uncovered in one of the homes we were looking to buy. The house must have been flipped and the previous owners did everything they could to cover up some serious problems. Thankfully they couldn't fool our inspector."
- Tom R.

"Excellent home inspection company! We are happy to refer these home inspectors to everyone we know and our family. They really take the time to explain what their inspection includes and their reports are thorough and easy to understand."
- Amanda F.